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Issue #103
Current Issue


Hanging Loose Press
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Brooklyn, NY 11217
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Dear Friend,

After 46 years, we should be sick and tired of publishing a literary magazine. That's the usual way, after all: Start a magazine, move on to books, kill the magazine. And we were tempted some years ago; magazines, with their endless submissions and subscription records, are labor-intensive.

A couple of factors reinforced our decision to keep going. One: We still get enormous satisfaction out of building an issue. Two: We realized that the magazine is the most effective way for us to discover new writers. Of the five authors on our spring list-Sherman Alexie, Michael Cirelli, Leonard Gontarek, Elizabeth Swados and even Bob Hershon, a contributor to HL #1-we first got to know each of them through the magazine.

We are grateful to you for enabling us to publish 101 issues of the magazine and some 200 book titles. Your generous support has made all the difference in helping us during the difficult economy and the sharp decrease in institutional support. We hope we can count on you to stick with us for another year. We promise to use your contributions very carefully. Almost all the money we receive goes right back into production and marketing. We also are proud that not only do we never ask our writers for a penny, we pay them for their work.

Thanks to our friends at the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Just make out your check to CLMP and note on the memo line that the funds are for Hanging Loose Press. Then mail to HL at 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217-2208.

We deeply appreciate your time, and your support.

        All best, signature

P.S. We’ve got a gift for you, too. Please see the enclosed sheet (download below).

The Editors: Robert Hershon, Dick Lourie, Mark Pawlak, Ron Schreiber (1934-2004) Associate Editors: Donna Brook, Marie Carter

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