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Hanging Loose 111
issn# 0440-2316

Hanging Loose Magazine 111

Our 54th year of continuous publication! Cover art and portfolio by William Linmark. Poems by Sherman Alexie, Indran Amirthanayagam, Jack Anderson, Martine Bellen, Polly Buckingham, Liuyu Ivy Chen, Jiwon Choi, Robert Clinton, John Corley, Sam Cornish, Harley Elliott, Gerald Fleming, Justin Jamail, Daniel Johnson, Faye Kicknosway, David Lehman, Michael Miller, Frank Murphy, Heather Newman, Charles North, Maureen Owen,Simon Perchik, Haya Pomrenze, Tim Robbins, Thom Schram, Hal Sirowitz, Robert Terashima, Ben Terry, Anne Pierson Wiese, Terence Winch, Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Jianquing Zheng, Louis Aragon poems in translations by Peter Brown, and eleven outstanding high school-age writers.

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