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Dear Friend,

We have been through a lot together these past few years: first the pandemic, which threw us, along with everybody else, for a loop.  And then our beloved Bob Hershon’s passing in March of 2021.   But here we are, together in the spring of 2022. 

Bob  co-founded Hanging Loose in 1966 with Emmet Jarrett, Ron Schreiber, and Dick Lourie, and we are determined to keep on keeping on, though it won’t be easy.  Bob put his  heart and soul into the mission of HL, making sure the work was first rate, honest and true.   We stress the quality of the work rather than name recognition or current trends, and Bob was always at the center of our seeking out and supporting exciting new writers and artists, as well as the acclaimed and established.

Bob’s spirit will stay with us, and we hope that you will too. What keeps us going, as we enter our 56th year, is (no surprise) our readers—amazing, loyal, enthusiastic, erudite—choose your adjectives.   We hope we can count on your continued interest and generosity.  

Thanks to our friends at the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  To contribute to HL: make out your check to CLMP; note on the memo line that it is for Hanging Loose Press; then mail it to us at PO Box 150608, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Donations of $75 will receive a one-year subscription to Hanging Loose magazine or an extension of an existing subscription. Donations of $150 will also receive a copy of The Unveiling, poems and paintings by Bob and Elizabeth Hershon.

And what’s the latest?

Issue  #112 is just out and—of course—we’re already working on #113, which will include a section curated by Hanging Loose poet and former Philadelphia poet laureateYolanda Wisher. With #113, we’re bringing back our practice of turning over part of each issue to a guest editor; these guests will have free rein to present work by writers of their own choosing. We regular editors will just sit back and watch it happen. We may be as surprised as our readers.

Also forthcoming this year:

The Unveiling,  a Hershon collaboration (and celebration): Bob’s poems and Elizabeth’s paintings; Cells of Terror, (winner of the Hanging Loose/Queens College 2021 translation prize) by Alfonso Sastre, translated from the Spanish by Ellis Ging;

Let the Heart Hold Down the Breakage Or The Caregiver’s Log, Maureen Owen’s edgy and  honest poem/prose memoir about her mother’s last days as Maureen lived with and cared for her.

Also forthcoming: the newly established Founders Prize, honoring Bob, Ron, and Emmett. In recognition of our commitment to discovering and promoting the poetry of new authors, the Hanging Loose Founders Prize will enable us annually to publish an outstanding poet’s first poetry collection. We are grateful to the Russell Freedman estate, among other donors, for support of this prize. 

Bob respected and loved us all—poets, writers, artists, surrounding  himself with so many of us, from everywhere: New York, New Jersey, California, Kansas, Seattle, Detroit, London, Paris, and beyond.

So, in Bob’s memory, we will promise to “Keep on with it!”

          In love and poetry,

           The Editors