Hanging Loose Press
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Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Dear Friend,

            As we stand at the beginning of our 54th consecutive year of publishing, our spirits are high but, thanks to diminished state support and rising expenses, our bank balance isn’t.  We hope we can count on you for a little help.

            We’ve got lots of exciting plans.  Our new book list includes a memoir with poems by Linda Norton; new poetry collections from Wang Ping, Indran Amirthanayagam, and Dick Lourie; Sabra Riazi’s translation from the Persian of Mahsa Mohebali (which is banned in Iran); and a new and selected by Harley Elliott, one of HL’s earliest contributors and still going strong.  Hanging Loose #111 has art by William Linmark and writing by Jiwon Choi, Sherman Alexie, Justin Jamail, Faye Kicknosway, Ivy Chen, Tom Wayman, David Lehman, Jack Anderson, Frank Murphy, and many more, including another gang of amazing high school writers.

            We hope we can count on your continued interest and generosity.  Thanks to our friends at the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Just make out your check to CLMP and note on the memo line that the funds are for Hanging Loose Press.  Then mail to HL at the Wyckoff Street address above.  We’ll have a gift for you, too; see the enclosed sheet.

            May we ask one more favor?  If you know people who would enjoy what we publish but don’t know about HL, please consider spreading the word or buying a gift subscription.

All best,

The Editors: Robert Hershon, Dick Lourie, Mark Pawlak, Ron Schreiber (1966-2004)

Associate Editors: Donna Brook, Caroline Hagood

Assistant Editors: Thomsas Moody, Keri Marinda Smith