A Long, Shining River of Verse, Flowing From a Rower and Writer

Published July 17, 2023

A beautiful New York Times feature of Wang Ping, HL author of My Name is Immigrant.

Excerpted from the article:

Wang Ping is a poet by profession and a rower by routine.

She sees a deep connection in these things. Flow. Rhythm. Cadence.

“Life begins with cadence, the heartbeat,” she said.

Tick, tick, tick. Row, row, row.

Repetition is rhythm, but it does not tell the story.

“Every blade entering the water is different, because the water keeps moving,” she said.

Each moment is different from the last. And the next.

“That’s the beauty of living, isn’t it?” she said. Everyone calls her Ping.

Read the full article here https://bit.ly/3q0qnMa.

Ping with fellow rowers (Adam Stoltman for The New York Times)
Book stack with My Name Is Immigrant (Adam Stoltman for The New York Times)