Are Poets the Original Chat Bots?

Published September 10, 2023

You be the judge at this official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event!

Yearnings of a Chat Bot: The romantic ideation of the half human/half robot is one that we have been musing since computerized sentience in woman/man/creature form has graced our movies and tv shows: Terminator, Blade RunnerEx-MachinaMetropolis, etc. This longing to understand the Machine-Man, the Maschinenmensch, comes from the fact that we have always had relationships with machines, from our old alarm clocks to our shiniest smart phones and watches. So if robots are learning to be more human, isn’t the reverse true? Humans want to be mechanical ubër beings.

Featuring Caroline HagoodWilliam LessardJames Yeh, and Jiwon Choi.

September 26th @6PM

Park Slope Library

431 6th Avenue (corner of 9th st & 6th ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11215

 wheelchair accessible