About us


Dick Lourie is one of the four founding editors (1966) of Hanging Loose. He has edited more than one hundred HL books; his own most recent collection, Jam Session, brings together his experiences as a poet and a blues musician. 

Mark Pawlak joined HL as an editor in 1980. He is the author of nine poetry collections and the memoir, My Deniversity: Knowing Denise Levertov (MadHat Press, 2021). His work has been translated into German, Japanese, Spanish, and Polish. 

Caroline Hagood is Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Writing at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. Her writing appears in numerous journals; her books include Lunatic Speaks, Making Maxine’s BabyWays of Looking at a Woman, and Ghosts of America.  

Jiwon Choi is a Brooklyn poet, early childhood educator, and urban gardener. She teaches at the non-profit Educational Alliance. Her two poetry collections are One Daughter is Worth Ten Sons and I Used To Be Korean. 

Joanna Fuhrman teaches Creative Writing at Rutgers. Her work has been published in many journals, including the Pushcart Prize Anthology (2011). She is the author of six full-length poetry collections, five of which have been published by Hanging Loose, most recently To A New Era.

Robert Hershon (1936–2021), founding editor. 

Emmett Jarrett (1939–2010), founding editor. 

Ron Schreiber (1934–2004), founding editor. 

Art Editor  

Elizabeth Hershon is a New York City painter and ceramic artist. Hanging Loose has published both her artwork and her poetry. She teaches three-year-olds at a Brooklyn preschool, where she focuses on science and literacy. 

Associate Editors

Keri Smith has an MFA in Poetry from the New School. Her first book of poetry, Dragging Anchor, was published by Hanging Loose Press in 2018. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her chihuahua.  

Thomas Moody currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where he is impatiently awaiting the reopening of borders so he can return to his home in Brooklyn.