Complete Index of Hanging Loose Writers


Aal, Katharyn Machan  "The Beets Poem" 40
Abbott, Keith  "Stupid Face Renku" [With Pat Nolan and Michael Sowl] 60
Abdur Rahman, Fatima  "The West and Nature" 20
Abraham-Macht, Edie  "Hands," "The Kiss," "My grandmother leaned in" 111
Ackerson, Duane  "The Big Game," "Spirit/Bone Song," "When Daddy Died" 11
Adam, Helen  "Sing Song after the Bomb," "Song for a Sea Tower," "Tarot True Love" 9 ,  "Seven Stars," "Pounding Bone Blues," "The Great Skellig," "A Swordsman from France," "Late Afternoon," "Coming Back Blues" 28 ,  "The Wedding Collages " [Art] 106
Adams, Glenda  "Our Town" [fiction] 57
Adang, Richard  "In the Attic" 41
Adler, Randie  "Detention Center" 95
Agosin, Marjorie  "Si Me Permiten” (“With Your Permission”)," "“Tras El Alba” (“Beyond the Dawn”)" 52
Agoston, Ernest Taylor  "I looked upon the sea" 1
Aguero, Kathleen  "Elegy for St. Christopher,," "Winter Hill Apartment," "Leaving the Medical School Records Department" 41 ,  "Body Surfing," "Charm Bracelet" 45 ,  "Betrothal," "Helping Grandma to Bed" 47 ,  "The Wind and the Sun," "Metal Detector," "Old Stories,," "Sister Dominic," "Fireman’s Picnic" 50-51 ,  "Driving" 62 ,  "Traffic" 82 ,  "Transformations" 83
Agüeros, Jack  "Sonnet Substantially Like the words of Fulano Rodriguez one position ahead of me on the unemployment line," "Sonnet for Angelo Monterosa" 52 ,  "Sonnet for Maddog," "Sonnet for Willie Classen" 55 ,  "Sonnet for the Bicycle Rider’s Leg," "Sonnet:The History of Puerto Rico," "Sonnet for Alejandro Roman, Remarkable Rider" 64 ,  "I Always Wanted to Be an Old Man [prose]" 72
Aiello, Mark  "The Butcher Block" 101
Aiken, Chris  "A Way to Believe in God" 61 ,  "The Place Between Us" 62
Aiken, William  "Eyes Blur with Amenities," "Gull for Gulliver" 10
Akers, Lauryn  "The Wall" 82
Akin, Katy (Madhuri, Ma Prem)  "Cake Poem," "The Egret," "Finger," "Waking" 13 ,  "Rachel and Eureky [story]" 14 ,  "Van Broodje’s Colored Window" 15 ,  "Canjuani February" 16 ,  "Patriotic Lovesong—to Joe" 19 ,  "asleep," "mary and rita (our hindu catholic servants)," "poems on a train" 27 ,  "The Party [story]" 31 ,  "Crocodile Sutras [story]" 32 ,  "Twilight [story]" 35 ,  "Trees," "Taking the Train across Canada in April" 95 ,  "The Windowshoppers," "More about the Moon" 97
Alessandrini, Anthony  "Six Questions for History" 92
Alexander, Elena  "Weal" 74 ,  "Bowing to Ms. DuB" 96 ,  "Somatics," "When Dreams Were Read Like Tea Leaves" 108
Alexander, Elizabeth  "The Tony Morrison Dreams," "Your Ex-Girlfriend" 75
Alexander, Floyce M.  "Progression," "The Step: a Transformation" 2 ,  "By Snake River," "Description of the God of Unrest," "Indian," "Ode to Distraction," "Sang-Froid," "What Pamela the Mother Says to Her Unborn Child" 5-6 ,  "All day I was at the door," "For a Ten-Year-Old Peddlar" 9
Alexander, Keith  "The Lost Face," "Natural History" 100 ,  "Pascal’s Wager," "Interloper," "Correction" 104
Alexander, Malcolm  "Gem," "Poem about Everything" 94
Alexander, Paul  "Cover artist" 1 ,  "Cover artist" 4 ,  "Portfolio of drawings" 8
Alexie, Sherman  "Distances" 56 ,  "Ceremonies," "No Drugs or Alcohol Allowed," "War All the Time" 58 ,  "Translated from the American [prose]," "Crazy Horse Dreams [prose]" 59 ,  "Reservation Drive-In [prose]," "the Native-American Broadcasting System," "Vision (1) [prose]" 61 ,  "Apologies," "How Lester FallsApart Came to Believe in Magic,," "Supply & Demand," "Tiny Treaties,," "Seven Love Songs Which Include the Collected History of the United States of America" 62 ,  "Bob’s Coney Island,," "When I Was a Father I Sang Love Songs to My Son," "Airplane" 66 ,  "Totems," "Last Will and Testament," "The Mystery of Music," "Grandmother, Porcupine, Traffic" 69 ,  "Powwow Love Songs" 70 ,  "The Theory of Cockroaches," "Sex in Motel Rooms" 74 ,  "The Father and Son Road Show,," "Ten Thousand Fathers" 80 ,  "On the Second Anniversary of My Father’s Death," "The Blood Sonnets," "Thrash" 87 ,  "Unauthorized," "A Comic Interlude" 92 ,  "Sonnet, with Rick Springfield," "Ping Pong in Rehab," "The Naming Ceremony" 99 ,  "Sonnet, With Pride,," "Hell," "Family Memoir,," "Sonnet with Some Things That I Have Seen," "Sonnet, Without Stuntmen" 101 ,  "Trapped at My Gate In Seattle,," "The Taste of Grief,," "Clothes Horse,," "The Raid," "Prayer Animals," "Tribal Ties," "Alexie Fact #1," "Did I Just Hear Janis Joplin Sing ‘Piece of My Meister Eckhart’?," "Eulogize Rhymes with Disguise," "Things I Have Never Said to My Mother" 106 ,  "Comfort Food," "Mixed," "Odyssey" 110 ,  "Paris 1956; Paris 2000," "Bay as Noun and Verb," "Nostalgia," "Symmetry" 111 ,  "On the Atlantic" 112 ,  "Thomas Builds-the-Fire’s Honor Song," "Storm Song" 113 ,  "Heritage," "Relentless," "Inmate" 114
Aliperti, Pia  "First Witnessing of a Wedding," "Cremation" 83
Allen, Jeff Renard  "Touched," "Saturday Blues" 56 ,  "The Other," "Ewe," "Dues for Two" 60
Allen, Nafeeshah  "Virgin Rhapsody: Pearls," "The Winter of My Life" 80
Allison, Dorothy  "Daddy," "History?" 87
Aloff, Mindy  "The Invaders from Nod" 16
Alson-Milkman, Rebecca  "Holocaust," "Sex" 66
Althaus, Keith  "Poem Ending in October" 113
Alvar, Mia  "Lemons" 68
Alvarez, Candida  "Cover artist" 76
Amato, Ian Kain  "Morning Thoughts," "Were There Children?," "Haiku" 80
Amirthanayagam, Indran  "The Beat of the Wind," "The Commissioner of Salt,," "For My Autistic Brother, Chutta,," "Wuot Woth (Mad Po(e)t)" 57 ,  "Beating the Drum," "Dim Sum" 59 ,  "Maestro Fox" 69 ,  "from The Splintered Face: Tsunami, 1. Birds, 2. Salt, 3. A Question of Trains, 4. Ghosts" 89 ,  "Fire Department," "Sculpture: In Memoriam," "Memo (About Ordnance)" 97 ,  "Alastair, Gone" 108 ,  "Doubles," "Via Taxi" 110 ,  "Family Fish," "The Old Yankee Jesus" 111 ,  "Literary Revival," "The Good Neighbor Intervenes," "Paper Plane," "Reset" 113
Anastas, Charles Grace  "Always Stone" 43
Anderson, Beth  "Octave" 67
Anderson, Jack  "Presences of the Serpent," "Candle," "The Princess of Feet-Above-Sea-Level" 1 ,  "The Door," "How It Goes," "Waiting," "Winter Twilight" 3 ,  "Air" 9 ,  "In Distrust of Poetry,," "The Philosophical Background," "Departure Gate" 35 ,  "Fire Trucks Returning," "The Peeker," "Sock Lust," "Explorers," "The Abyss" 38 ,  "Good Morning," "Time and Motion" 41 ,  "Murders," "Artists," "European Lions: A Dozen Views," "A Partial Index to Myself" 45 ,  "Retirement," "The Great Days of Ballooning," "The Real World" 47 ,  "Here You Are Walking Forty Years Ago," "Social Studies Problems,," "A Journey By Railroad," "American Romantic," "The Drama" 50-51 ,  "Sleeping Together," "Golden Moment," "Complaints" 58 ,  "Leather Bar" 62 ,  "Beggars" 64 ,  "A Text Fragment with Ideas," "Recognition Scenes" 66 ,  "Research Topics," "The Chinese Menu of the World" 70 ,  "Some Things Seen on a Summer Vacation," "Going to the Moon," "Fancy Flesh" 72 ,  "My Fatherís Hiccups [prose poem]," "Indulgence and Restraint: A Moral Lesson [prose poem]" 76 ,  "Three Museums" 80 ,  "The Winged" 86 ,  "Getting Lost in a City Like This," "Some Nights in Heaven" 88 ,  "From The Splintered Face: Tsunami" 89 ,  "As We Grow Older Together," "A Gift to the Plains" 90 ,  "Sailing and Drowning," "Gaîté Parisienne" 91 ,  "Consider How Far Men Have Come in Our Time,," "Scales and Arpeggios," "Invite Me," "Ordering (Baker’s Dozen): Sonnet" 93 ,  "The Pausing Moving On," "Old," "That Great Joker" 100 ,  "The Sudden Chill That Will Not Warm," "The Dog at a Quarter to Five O’Clock" 101 ,  "An Account of My Disappearences" 103 ,  "The Unimaginable Natural," "The Dinosaur Problem" 104 ,  "Night in St. Lézard," "A Poem with That Word," "Horehound Drops," "Sinkholes" 106 ,  "Things Once Said," "Home Life of the Bachs" 108 ,  "Sleeping on Trains," "The Art of South Porcupine" 109 ,  "Just Translation,," "Traveling Back Then" 111 ,  "Adventures in Lithuanian Poetry," "Deviled Eggs" 113 ,  "The Tomb of the Poetess" 114
Andrews, Bruce  "The f in soft-pedal" 63
Ansorge, Julian  "Please Proceed," "Nolita (After Alex Dimitrov’s ‘June’)" 111
Antler,  "Trying to Remember What I Learned" 9
Antoniades, Katina  "poem at a quarter to six," "1920," "poem" 71
Antonicelli, Theresa  "Genesis" 30
Appel, Cathy  "Culprits," "Climbing South" 44 ,  "Bedtime," "Photographic Memory" 47
Apter, Ronnie  "People Who Buy National Geographics" 5-6
Aragon, Luis [translated by Peter Brown]  " And If Me I Were Calling If Me You Imagine," "This Year There Was," "Anything Dark Speaks to Me Of Your Radiance,," "Song of The Empty Mirror" 111
Araguz, José Angel  "Directions" 98 ,  "Barefoot Ode" 103 ,  "Scripture: Shadow," "Scripture: Fog," "Scripture: Stone,," "Scripture: Waves," "Scripture: Salt," "Scripture: Flowers" 109
Arbolay, Dominick  "Summer Sublet," "Hail and Farewell" 84
Archila, William  "Guayaberas" 89
Arenberg, Meg  "Bare Rocks" 72
Argani, Sholey  "Aliya [story]" 38
Argintar, Lauren  "One More Page in Insincerity" 79
Arguelles, Ivan  "funerales," "hymn to vallejo" 28
Argueta, Manlio  "The Chronicler of the Indies, 1548," "Gentle Homeland," "Head-Hunters," "The Chinchintora" 64
Armstrong, Glen  "The Jukebox War of ’67" 57
Au, Melissa  "Sestina" 110
Augustine, Jane  "Behind Tenements," "This Afternoon" 20
Aurthur, Timothy  "To Bayard Rustin" 18
Austin, Susan  "Postcard Collage," "His Whereabouts" 80
Avallon, Joanne  "Five garbed nuns, black silhouettes," "Daughter" 36
Ayree, Elizabeth  "I am a mountain lion," "Smoke and Fire" 33 ,  "A Long Story" 34
Azzouni, Jody  "Epiphany," "Jean Has Claimed" 79 ,  "Mom on Paper " [prose] 81 ,  "Haunted by Oranges" [prose] 94