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Paper: ISBN 978-1-934909-74-4 $18

54 Pages

Robert Hershon was one of four co-founders of Hanging Loose in 1966; he remained active with the press until his death in 2021. A widely published poet himself and a native Brooklynite, he was part of New York City’s poetry scene for more than a half-century.

He also maintained a close connection with the New York art world, counting many painters among his friends. He brought his passion for the visual arts to Hanging Loose magazine—or perhaps he brought the magazine to the visual arts. Each issue presents a portfolio of paintings and cover art by one artist.

Elizabeth Hershon, Robert’s daughter, is a painter, ceramicist, poet, teacher, and the art editor of Hanging Loose. She lives in the East Village, but grew up in Brooklyn. Robert approached her in 2020 with the idea of doing a book together: her paintings and his poems. The result is Unveiling.

Sundry Abductions by Maria Dylan Himmelman
Paper: ISBN 978-1-934909-75-1 $18

76 Pages

Sundry Abductions by Maria Dylan Himmelman is winner of the inaugural Hanging Loose Press Founders Award. This annual award for a first book of poems honors the memory of three Hanging Loose founders: Ron Schreiber, Emmett Jarrett, and Robert Hershon.

What critics say:

“Himmelman’s poems are narrative and lyric . . . spare and theological . . . dangerous and witty . . . surreal . . . obsessed with the little details of our lives. These poems contain the lines that you’ll text and email to friends. I love this book.”
—Sherman Alexie 

“Now that I’ve read Sundry Abductions, I feel years closer to knowing what I want from poetry: linguistic interest; surprises that reveal truths I couldn’t have guessed; intelligence; beauty that is not easy.”
—Shane McCrae

“These poems are funny, sophisticated, exacting while sometimes surreal, and an astonishing joy to read.”
—Lynn Melnick