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Issue #103
Current Issue

New Titles 2015

The Year of Yellow Butterflies

ISBN: 978-1-934909-454 (pbk.) $18.00

The Year of Yellow Butterflies
Joanna Fuhrman

Joanna Fuhrman is the author of five collections of poetry, including Ugh Ugh Ocean (Hanging Loose Press 2003) and Pageant (Alice James Books 2009). She teaches poetry at Rutgers University, in public schools and in private workshops. She has worked at the Poetry Project at Saint Mark's Church as a workshop leader and reading series coordinator For several years, she has been collaborating with the artist Toni Simon on a multimedia project combining poetry, sculpture and photography. The poems in The Year of Yellow Butterflies combine elements of surrealism and wry humor as well as riffs on autobiography, science fiction and unhinged nostalgia. Fuhrman explores the relationship between the mind and the body and playfully examines how gender, technology, capitalism and culture affect this relationship.

“In this extraordinary book, Fuhrman seamlessly oscillates between illusion and reality, childhood and maturity, the animal kingdom (a "babbling...walrus," "a creeky bird," a "bunny rabbit") and technology (" baby's rebooted brains," "Virgil's Internet"). She gives new life to the prose poem in one section. The Year of Yellow Butterflies is killer-not only Fuhrman's best book to date, but her most poignant. ” —Noelle Kocot

“With the impish charm of an illusionist and the dazzling patter of a tummler in a Borscht Belt resort, Joanna Fuhrman suspends our expectations in The Year of Yellow Butterflies, sending us head over heels into zones of cosmic and technological bafflement and sudden parabolic grief. "Stand on one foot while the world pretends to end. // The beauty almost hurts / if you want it to," she writes, and we do want it to, in this book full of brilliant predicaments and pleasures. ” —Rachel Loden

Making Maxine’s Baby

ISBN: 973-194909-46-1 (pbk.) $18.00

Making Maxine's Baby
Caroline Hagood

Caroline Hagood is a Teaching Fellow and English Ph.D. candidate at Fordham University. Her first collection of poetry, Lunatic Speaks came out in 2012. She has also written on film and literature for the Guardian, the Economist, Salon, and the Huffington Post. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and son. Making Maxine's Baby tells the story of Maxine, a homeless woman who lives in the New York City subway system. The book follows Maxine's surreal journey through city and memory as she attempts to overcome her traumatic past, and culminates in her eccentric romance with Marvin, a homeless man she first sees on the subway wearing a trash bag shoe and a gold clog.

“Tracking her flight from the hell of feeling, Caroline Hagood's metaphors unfold with a desperado's inventiveness. Reeling with the book's unexpected turns, I'm reminded of Dickinson's razor-sharp observations of her own psyche and of Plath's acerbic wit. For all the diversity of its escape routes, Making Maxine's Baby reads like a single utterance. It wills us to train our attention not on the traumatic violation at the poems' source, but on the loneliness, wild creativity, and valor of survival.” —Joan Larkin

“In Maxine, Caroline Hagood has created a supremely likeable character. Hagood carries us through her life, beginning with sexual abuse and culminating with a pregnancy. That Maxine lives off the grid, as a homeless New Yorker, may make the challenges Hagood has set herself-embodying otherness and trauma-seem insurmountable, but this poet ismore than up to the task. There is no patronizing in Hagood's smart, empathetic poems. Making Maxine's Baby is a gorgeous book, eminently readable, full of surprises.” —Elisabeth Frost

New Titles 2014

What I've Stolen, What I've Earned, Sherman Alexie

ISBN: 978-1934909-32-4 (pbk.) $19.00
ISBN: 978-1-934909-379 (hardcover) $29.00

What I've Stolen, What I've Earned
Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie's poetry career started on a high note in his early twenties and has continued to rise. His first book, The Business of Fancydancing (Hanging Loose Press, 1992) was reviewed on the front cover of The New York Times Book Review: "Mr. Alexie's is one of the major lyric voices of our time," the reviewer wrote. Alexie had already won a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship and a stream of other awards has followed - the PEN/Hemingway Award, the American Book Award, the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Award, the American Library Association Odyssey Award, to name a few-culminating with a National Book Award for his superb novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. He has written poetry, novels, short stories, screenplays - 24 books to date - and that doesn't include a huge amount of literary and political journalism. He is a platform performer of enormous popularity. For all his success in every literary form he has tried, Alexie defines himself first and foremost as a poet. This book will show you why.

A Spokane/Coeur D'Alene Indian, Alexie lives in Seattle with his wife and two sons.

Monk Eats An Afro , YOLANDA WISHER

ISBN: 978-1-934909-423 (pbk.) $18.00

Monk Eats An Afro
Yolanda Wisher

Yolanda Wisher is a Philadelphia-based poet, singer, musician, and educator. Wisher was born in the historic Germantown section of Philadelphia and raised in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where she was named the county's first poet laureate at the age of 23. She is a Cave Canem graduate and received an M.A. in Creative Writing/English from Temple University and a B.A. in English and Black Studies from Lafayette College. Her writing has appeared in Meridian, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Cave Canem Anthologies, among other places and she regularly performs her poetry in collaboration with musicians. In 2013, she co-edited the international anthology Peace is a Haiku Song with Sonia Sanchez. As a teacher, radio host, and founder/director of the Germantown Poetry Festival, Wisher has utilized poetry as a conduit for community-building and youth empowerment for over fifteen years. She lives in Germantown with her husband Mark Palacio, a doublebassist, and their son. Thelonious.


“There are no discernible demons in her pocketbook." Sister Yolanda's pocketbook that opens, beckons us to come and taste her "iron for your mind." And we taste. We do not sip it. We grow stronger and more beautiful. Thank you for these exquisite poems.” —Sonia Sanchez

“This is not a book-it's a jukebox, it's Pandora's box! Monk Eats an Afro is the most stunning debut collection that I've ever encountered. These are race poems unlike race poems, mother poems more gangsta than mother poems. It's a stew but it's not a stew, myths unwoven and recrafted into song. Wisher makes the writer in me envious, and the reader in me joyful.” —Michael Cirelli, author of Lobster With Old Dirty Bastard Continued on back

“Vintage illadelph as the SEPTA shapeshifted to a slaveship, Monk Eats an Afro digs deep. Natch, it's trenchant and trenchmouthed about the block, black folk, folklore and love. But it's also funny as hell. Look: Wisher's work pulsates with urgency, so even when it peers into the wayback, it's right now. Hungry for that? Come get some.” —Douglas Kearney, author of Patter & The Black Automaton

A Wilderness of Monkeys

ISBN: 978-1934909-43-0 (pbk.) $18.00

A Wilderness of Monkeys
David Kirby

DAVID KIRBY is the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University. A Johns Hopkins PhD, he has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, and his work appears regularly in the Best American Poetry and Pushcart Prize volumes. Kirby is the author of numerous books, including The House on Boulevard St.: New and Selected Poems, which was a finalist for the 2007 National Book Award in poetry. His Little Richard: The Birth of Rock 'n' Roll was named one of Booklist's Top 10 Black History Non-Fiction Books of 2010, and the Times Literary Supplement called it "a hymn of praise to the emancipatory power of nonsense."

Comments on David Kirby's The Biscuit Joint:

“There's no way to describe the poems of David Kirby simply, but I'll try. If you can picture an accomplished student of philosophy — a very likable guy — who wakes up one day to find himself as manic as a classic cartoon character, you have a pretty fair idea of the Kirby effect.” —The Advocate

“A National Book Award finalist and recipient of the L.E. Philabaum Poetry Prize, Kirby…himself describes the success of his poems aptly: 'They work best when they move the way the mind does.' And move they do, with impatience, gratitude, and humor toward a new thought that arrives either too fast, too late or never….These poems are carefully crafted in their exuberance…and inspire laughter from a deep place.”— Library Journal

“His poetry embraces subjects, words and readers of all types in a blaze of ebullience and humility.” — Harvard Review

“Kirby gets away with a kind of uncontainable positivity in these poems…written as though [he] was trying to keep up with some bright inspiration moving at breakneck speed.”—Publishers Weekly

This Way Out

ISBN: 978-193490941-6 (pbk.) $18.00

This Way Out
Terence Winch

Terence Winch is the author of six previous poetry collections: Lit from Below, Falling out of Bed in a Room with No Floor, Boy Drinkers, The Drift of Things, The Great Indoors, and Irish Musicians/American Friends, which won an American Book Award. He has also written two story collections, Contenders and That Special Place: New World Irish Stories, which draws on his experiences as a founding member of the original Celtic Thunder, the acclaimed Irish band. His work is included in numerous anthologies, among them the Oxford Book of American Poetry, Poetry 180, and Best American Poetry, and has been featured on "The Writers Almanac" and NPR's "All Things Considered." Winch is the recipient of an NEA Fellowship in poetry, among other awards.

Praise for This Way Out:

“Terence Winch's poems are imaginative, soulful, and funny. He writes half way between the everyday and the conjured—his poems often feel like walking into a room made out of the sky. These new poems seem less tethered to reality yet more appreciative of the actual things the world has to give…and take away. This Way Out gives us Terence Winch at the top of his game.” —Bob Hicok

“In This Way Out, Terence Winch plumbs mysteries that range from the everyday ("Two Girls," teenagers shinnying down the roof next door) to the enduring ("X-Man," for an illiterate grandfather he never knew), always with an edge of laughter and the call for a stiffer drink. Though Winch has an ear for rhyme, he wears tradition lightly in "Classical Instructions" and "Romantic Poem," before offering a tour de force, ""Nightingale, Wish Me Luck," which manipulates the end-rhymes of John Keats himself. Perceptive and subversive, this book has rhetorical marrow, that rich weird greatness at its core. These are the poems you read to your friend at two in the morning.”— Library Journal

The Tame Magpie

ISBN: 978-1934909-40-9 (pbk.) $18.00

The Tame Magpie
Paul Violi

This book contains Paul Violi's last poems, found among his papers after his death, and never previously published in a book.

"Although Paul's poems became stronger and more resonant [over] the decades, what is most striking about them was present right from the start: his sharp wit and humor, his satirical spirit, his formal inventiveness, his frequent lyric impulse. His masterful, riddling dramatic monologues…demonstrate all these qualities. Comic lists drawn from everyday life were a Violi specialty: a TV schedule, the call of a horse race, a 'Police Blotter,' an index to an imaginary book. A wonderful reader, Paul drew big crowds, reducing just about everyone, including us, to helpless laughter." — from the introduction by Charles North and Tony Towle.

Blue Hanuman

ISBN: 978-1-934909-38-6 (pbk.) $18.00

Blue Hanuman
Joan Larkin

Joan Larkin is one of the poetry world's most valuable citizens — an inspirational teacher, a groundbreaking publisher and anthologist, and, above all, in the words of a critic, "a major literary force of the twenty-first century." Her extraordinary poems have long been recognized by her peers, earning her fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts, and such prizes as the Audre Lorde Award and the Lambda Literary Award. Her recent honors include The Poetry Society of America's Shelley Memorial Award and the Academy of American Poets Fellowship.
Born in Massachusetts, Larkin is a long-time resident of Brooklyn. She has taught at Brooklyn College, Sarah Lawrence College, and Drew University, among others, and currently serves as the Grace Hazard Conkling Writer in Residence at Smith College. She was a co-founder of Out & Out Books and co-editor of such anthologies as Amazon Poetry and Lesbian Poetry. She has also written works on alcoholism and recovery.

About her earlier books…

“Joan Larkin has written poems that stake out a territory of relentless self-examination, taking on love and death, family and sexuality in a voice that is unsentimental, ruthless and clear-eyed…For her, poetry is a form of witness; she offers no false hopes, no resolutions, except to reflect, as honestly and directly as she can manage, the complicated, at times uncontrollable, messiness of being alive...This is poetry without pity, in which despair leads not to degradation but to a kind of grace.”— David Ulin, The Los Angeles Times.

“As a pioneer for women and a new lesbian literary wave, as a genuine genius in American letters, Larkin has become a major figure in the world of poetry…Let readers applaud this warrior who heralds a loving place and joyous body.”—Juan Felipe Herrera, American Poet.

“In a youth-addicted culture, it is a pleasure to read the work of grown women…You will find yourself thinking you'd like this poet as a friend.”— Alicia Ostriker, The Women's Review of Books.

“There are few poets in America who can combine Joan Larkin's formal mastery with her emotional intensity…Unlike so many poets who lose emotional force as they get older, Larkin grows stronger as time goes on.”— David Bergman, The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide.

Inside My Own Skin

ISBN: 978-1934909-39-3 (pbk.) $18.00

Inside My Own Skin
Guillaume de Fonclare
Translated from the French by Yves Henri Cloarec

This tiny gem of a personal narrative is a poignant and heartfelt account of one man's journey along the arc from despair to hope. It expresses a powerful lust for life brought face to face with daily physical pain. It is also a humanist book, identifying with those who have been struck to their core by the violence of war. Finally, it is proof positive that writing can be one of the most therapeutic forces in life. In the author's own words:

Inside My Own Skin "is a text whose roots lie in the early days of the 20th Century, a time when men wore moustaches and women wide-brimmed hats, when backfiring automobiles frightened the horses on major thoroughfares. Amidst the violence of a war that spawned an entirely new fury, a whole world collapsed and all we have left of it are a few distorted echoes and flickering images that we no longer understand. I know that war well: I am Director of the Museum of the Great War in Péronne, in the Somme, at the very heart of the First World War battlefields, where British and Commonwealth troops confronted the Germans from 1914 to 1918.

"And I experience the harsh realities of old-style warfare physically, with my own body; for the last four years I have had an illness that has no name but makes my every move painful and difficult, so that I no longer have a moment's peace or proper rest. I sometimes feel so close to those for whom I claim to bear witness that I share in the suffering of these long-dead men; my own horizon is constantly shattered by internal explosions. The objects alongside of which I live, impeccable uniforms stowed in the museum's stores, guns as well as wristwatches, daggers as well as clumpy boots . . . all resonate with a slumbering violence that I think I feel with every passing moment. This is what I am trying to express and put in writing; and the interest I take in myself would be different if it were not the result of my experiences at the museum, if those experiences had not created in me an empathy for people who have suffered more than I have suffered."

Guillaume de Fonclare was born in Pau in 1968 and spent his early childhood in Combovin, a small village in the Drôme region, until 1973 when his family moved to Lambesc near Aix-en-Provence. He was director of the Historial, the Museum of the Great War at Péronne in the Somme for many years, but resigned for health reasons in 2010.

He is married and has two children. Inside My Own Skin, which in 2010 won the Prix Essai France Televisions, the Prix Jacques de Fouchier and the Prix Paroles de Patients, was his first book. In 2013, he published Dans tes pas (In Your Footsteps).

—Yves Henri Cloare

If the Delta Was the Sea  (CD)

(CD) $10.00

If the Delta Was the Sea (CD)
Dick Lourie

This companion CD to his poetry collection of the same name (Hanging Loose, 2009) features Dick Lourie—who is both a poet and a blues musician—performing selections from the book. These poems explore and celebrate the life, the history, and the culture of the Mississippi Delta through a focus on the city of Clarksdale. Accompanied by musicians from his blues band, he reads the poems and plays his own sax solos. Together with the book, this CD offers a vivid rendering of Lourie's experience visiting the Delta over a period of fifteen years as a poet and musician welcomed into the still vital and energetic Delta blues community.



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